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Re-Examination Specialist

Title: Re-Examination Specialist
Leased Housing Department
Supervisor: Assistant Director of Leased Housing
Starting Salary: $30,181
Exemption: Non-Exempt
Applications Accepted Until Position is Filled

Please email here for a Job Description and/or Employment Application. 

Duties and Responsibilities
Responsible for processing annual and/or interim re-examinations for the Leased Housing program in compliance with HUD regulations and Authority policies and procedures. The employee may perform some or all of the duties listed below. Specific duties include the following:

  • Interview participants for re-examination, explain housing program obligations, verify information, and determine continued eligibility of participants.
  • Calculates HAP payment amounts, participant rent share, and, if applicable, utility reimbursements.
  • Briefs and counsels participants on family obligations.
  • Work up repayment agreements for approval by Assistant Director of Leased Housing.
  • Issues Housing Choice Voucher to participants who require a small or larger unit at re-exam date.
  • Assists with rent negotiations with the Owner/Landlord for an annual increase in rent, as needed.
  • Responds to owner/landlord inquiries and/or concerns about specific contracts or the Leased Housing programs in general.
  • Maintain complete and accurate files and correspondences associated with the process for program participants and determine eligibility.
  • Complete annual re-examination of participants in conformance with PHA policy to include: schedule appointments for re-exams, make revisions, calculate rent adjustments, and notify participants and landlords in writing of changes.
  • Generate and mail correspondence or notices to landlords and participants for appointments and changes in rent.
  • Forwards recommendation for termination of assistance to the Assistant Director of Leased Housing for consideration.
  • Assists with the monthly processing of HAP checks payable to owners and utility reimbursements to participants by preparing participant/landlord individual data sheets for Director of Leased Housing for reconciliation.
  • Prepare and distribute incoming/outgoing mail and maintain all participant files. Provides data entry for all adjustments or changes to participant data.
  • Conducts field interviews as needed.
  • Counsels participants and assists in resolution of problems between owners and participants.
  • Performs clerical duties such as answering telephone, general typing, filing and mailing correspondence.
  • Prepares monthly reports to advise supervisor of caseload status.
  • Ensures assigned caseload completed in a timely manner and balances caseload actions with Section 8 rent roll.
  • Researches, analyzes and documents programmatic issues or complaints and applies proper action to the problem.
  • Contributes to team effort by accomplishing all other duties as assigned.

Qualifications and Knowledge

  • High school graduate or GED. Two (2) years college-level courses in business practices, two (2) years experience in clerical work including public contract work, or an equivalent combination of experience and education.
  • Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to public housing and Authority policies and procedures on such housing.
  • Knowledge of interviewing techniques and record maintenance.
  • Skill in the use of basic office equipment such as typewriter, copier, computer, etc. Ability to meet and deal tactfully and courteously with the public.
  • Ability to understand and follow moderately complex written and oral instructions, communicate and relate to persons of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
  • Ability to make routine decisions in accordance with administrative rules, regulations, and policies, to explain the process to tenants in an objective and impartial manner.
  • Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with other employees. Bondable.
  • Valid North Carolina driver's license.
  • Eligibility for coverage under PHA fleet auto insurance.

Supervision Received and Given
The employee receives instructions from the Assistant Director of Leased Housing. Normally, the employee plans and carries out routine work activities with minimal supervision and independently resolves problems that arise. The employee's work is reviewed periodically for conformity to organizational policies and attainment of objectives.

The employee has no supervisory duties.

The employee performs routine duties by following established HUD and Authority policies and procedures. These guidelines cover most job-related situations and the employee usually is required to use independent judgment in making decisions. If guidelines do not cover a situation, the employee normally consults the supervisor. Guidelines are generally specific and clear.

The employee performs a variety of related, routine, and generally repetitive tasks. The course of action is determined by the supervisor and by established procedures. The employee may coordinate, integrate, and/or prioritize tasks.

Scope and Effect
The employee's work affects resident families, managers, other agencies and other Authority personnel. The employee's efforts can enhance the Authority's continuing efforts to provide adequate leased housing to low-income families on a timely basis and at reasonable rates.

Personal Contacts
Personal contacts are with all of the above persons and groups. The purpose of such contacts is to obtain and provide information and verify, document and record information submitted by residents, and other Authority activities.

Physical Demands
Work is principally sedentary, but may involve some physical exertion, such as kneeling and crouching to obtain files, eyestrain from working with computers and other office equipment.

Work Environment
Work involves the normal risks or discomforts associated with an office environment, but are usually in an area that is adequately cooled, heated, lighted and ventilated.