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Hope VI

HOPE VI program serves a vital role in the Department of Housing and Urban Development's efforts to transform Public Housing.

The specific elements of public housing transformation that have proven key to HOPE VI include:

  • Changing the physical shape of public housing
  • Establishing positive incentives for resident self-sufficiency and comprehensive services that empower residents
  • Lessening concentrations of poverty by placing public housing in nonpoverty neighborhoods and promoting mixed income communities
  • Forging partnerships with other agencies, local governments, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses to leverage support and resources

FMHA was granted a HOPE VI Revitalization Grant in 2008.  In partnership with HUD Office of Recapitalization, the City of Fayetteville, Cumberland County and multiple private investors, demolished older public housing apartments.  Collaboration with these partners allowed newly constructed apartments to be developed throughout Fayetteville.  Apartments include:

Azalea Manor - Senior Living 1-2 Bedrooms/1Bath apartments - contact 910-475-0088

Bunce Manor - Senior Living 1-2 Bedrooms/1Bath Apartments - contact 910-867-2463

Bunce Green - Family Living 2-3 Bedrooms/1-2 Bath Apartments - contact 910-491-8866

Cypress Manor - Senior Living 1-2 Bedrooms/1 Bath Apartments - contact 910-223-5388

Hickory Ridge - Family Living 2-3 Bedrooms/ 1-2 Bath Apartments - contact 910-223-0026

Oak Run I - Family Living 2-3 Bedrooms/ 1.5-2.5 Bath Apartments - contact 910-483-7750

Oak Run II - Family Living 2-3 Bedroom/1.5-2.5 Bath Apartments - contact 910-483-3701

Sycamore Park - Family Living 2-3 Bedroom/1-2 Bath Apartments - contact 910-223-1324