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Community Policing

Security is a primary concern for all citizens in every community. Our assisted Housing neighborhoods are not an exception. The Fayetteville Metropolitan Housing Authority has taken several measures to provide an acceptable measure of safety and security in our assisted housing communities.

Utilizing grant funding, FMHA has entered into an agreement with the Fayetteville Police Department to expand police presence in the assisted housing sites. The additional officers assigned along with others have proven very beneficial in reducing the crime rate and improving the environment not only of the public housing site but the surrounding area as well. Of course, as citizens of the city of Fayetteville, normal police protection is available and provided and not affected by the agreement.

The fundamental requirement for any security program to be effective is community involvement. FMHA makes every effort to select applicants that meet the strict requirements set forth in the HUD approved Admissions Policies. Along with proper tenant selection, FMHA strictly enforces the terms of the lease to ensure that residents are provided an environment that will allow their peaceful enjoyment of their home. The Fayetteville Police Department and other law enforcement agencies assist us in this effort. Residents contribute by controlling the activities and conduct of the members of their household and visitors, and by reporting any other activity that does not meet the standards of the community.