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FMHA's 1st Job Skills Training Pilot Program: "Construction Skills Class" Graduation Ceremony April 27, 2022

Fayetteville Technical Community College tables with flowers and gift bags on top

Keynote Speaker

Jennifer Gaskin Horn, a former FMHA Public Housing resident, and a full-time employee of FMHA.

A woman speaking behind a podium

Turning of the Tassel from Right to Left

Graduates turning their tassels

Class of 2022: Making History!!

A group of graduates wearing gowns, hats, and some in masks, smiling together

From left to right, First row: Desiree Elliot, Jaimil McIntyre, Alexa Nash, Symone Johnson, Tori Barnes, and Alseny Soumah
From left to right, Second row: Kim Williams, Charlies Mott, Tamiko Hill, and Shronda Hodges